Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Introducing me

Thought I might share five random facts about me. Let's make this blog a little more personal. ;)

1) My hair is permanently this weird brownish-blackish-reddish color even though I have never dyed it. Especially in the sun. Very un-Asian of me.

2) I have an odd fear of birds. Especially pigeons. It's a mix between hatred and fear. I don't mind looking at pretty birds from a distance, but I hate having them on the sidewalk, flying over my head, approaching me while eating, etc. STAY AWAY. It seriously inhibits my walking abilities in cities in particular. I've been trying to be better about it, but it's a work in progress, needless to say.

(As evidence that I'm not joking:
This is an abstract piece I did for my senior year
art portfolio in high school. I think I titled it
"fear" or "phobia" or something like that.)

3) My best friend and I have the same promise/purity/friendship ring, and I wear it practically everyday. But unlike others who wear their normal promise/purity/friendship rings on their ring finger (the one next to your pinky), I wear it on my middle finger. The only reason for this is my friend and I couldn't and still can't afford very fancy rings, so we went to Macy's off-the-rack section. The size of the rings were pretty limited at Macy's that day, and though I bought the smallest size available, due to my at times very inconveniently slim fingers, even the smallest size wouldn't fit on my ring finger. Hence, the reason it's on my middle. -_-

4) I kind of like going to school.

5) My first (and currently only) love is Jesus. Seriously. But I'm still learning on what that looks like, and how to live out a life being loved by God and loving God back.

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